About Supernal

Definition: Supernal (soo•pur•nl | adjective) 
relating to the sky or the heavens;
celestial or of exceptional quality or extent.


In 2016, after a long-term career as a NYC-based graphic designer and creative director, I decided it was finally time to follow my dream of starting my own business.

While design has always been a great love, for as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the ritual of skincare and skincare products. It’s hard to pinpoint where the intrigue began, but growing up in a Chinese household there was an inherent emphasis placed on caring for your skin. As a small child I would be mesmerized watching my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother carefully apply their creams and as a teenager, one of the first things I paid for with babysitting money was my very first facial at a local shopping center. As time went on, this curiosity would grow into a full-fledged passion as I began to experiment with my own skincare regimen and devour everything I could read and research about the topic in my spare time.

When asking myself “What would my dream company look like?”, creating a line of my ultimate skincare products using high-quality ingredients and refined design details felt like a natural coalescence of everything I loved. Driven to bring the same focused attention and determination to Supernal as I did in my design work, I enrolled at the renowned New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, where I first became a certified aromatherapist and later returned to continue my studies in botanical beauty formulating. After two years of dedicated research and development, Supernal’s debut product, Cosmic Glow Oil, launched in February 2019.

At its foundation, Supernal is a marriage of my love for well-considered skincare and design, and I hope you enjoy these products as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. It’s an incredible privilege to be a part of someone's self-care practice, and my hope is to support your beauty regimen with skincare staples that are always approachable yet luxurious in their form and function.

With gratitude, 
Melissa Medvedich, Founder