Aperçu 01
A few shelf staples and a consistent rotation of new finds, discover the beauty and wellness favorites that have found a home on Melissa's vanity table as of late.

01 TOWER 28 MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara A combination of clean, non-irritating ingredients, lash-lengthening without smudging, and comfortable wand shape make this the best mascara I have ever used on my sensitive eyes, period. 

02 BARE HANDS Dry Gloss Manicure Kit While I loovvvve nail art and polished nails, the nitrile gloves I wear when handcrafting skincare products do not. My Bare Hands glass file helps keep my nails shiny and bright and my cuticles in check.

03 IN FIORE Firmante Leg Tonic One of the first brands that made me fall in love with aromatic botanical skincare, every In Fiore product I have tried is a treasure. As a lifelong pedestrian who spends a good amount of time on my feet, Firmate is a stimulating and moisturizing leg tonic that I love to massage in right after a shower. While the sublime scent is invigorating and clearing, I still find it to be soothing and relaxing when applied in the evening before bed.

04 BEAUTY OF JOSEON Rice + Probiotics Relief Sunscreen Even though sunscreen is important and I wear it (almost!) daily, I’m not a big sunscreen lover. In my skincare journey and experience, sunscreen (chemical or mineral) is usually the product that is most likely to irritate or clog my sensitive skin. Enter lightweight with skin calming ingredients, Beauty of Joseon (recommended to me by trusted esthetician Elizabeth Grace Hand of Stalle Studios), and the search for my perfect daily sunscreen is over.

05 SUPERNAL Illumine Restorative Oil Serum Although a year-round favorite, I find myself reaching for Illumine more frequently than ever during the winter months to soothe and protect my skin from our windy
block and dry apartment heat. 

(Dream dressing table by Luisa Peixoto)