Gua Sha 101

A consistent facial Gua Sha practice helps to lift, brighten, de-puff and relieve tension. From beginner to well-versed, read on for our Gua Sha Need-to-Know.

CONSIDERATIONS Facial Gua Sha is known as a safe and supportive holistic treatment modality, but it is not recommended if you are experiencing an active breakout, rash, sunburn, sores, or any type of facial or neck injury. We also recommend waiting several weeks to practice facial Gua Sha after receiving Botox or filler, and to follow the guidance of your aesthetics and dermatological care providers.

PREGNANCY AND FACIAL GUA SHA Many of our pregnant and nursing customers enjoy a gentle practice of facial Gua Sha in their skincare regimen, but we always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider in advance of introducing massage or new treatments and products into your routine.

TOOL CARE Cosmic Stones are durable and long-lasting when treated with care—however, they are still vulnerable to breakage or chipping if dropped and won't be suitable for continued use. As gemstone tools can become slippery with soap or oil residue, please be sure to take extra care when cleaning. Handle your Cosmic Stone the same way you would a favorite porcelain mug.

SKINCARE PRODUCTS FOR FACIAL GUA SHA We are biased as we love the lush, smooth texture that Cosmic Glow and Illumine offer in tandem with Cosmic Stone, but any of your favorite oil-based facial skincare products are well-suited for Gua Sha. While we definitely enjoy creams and water-based serums in a product regimen, they alone won’t provide the ideal “slip” for an optimal Gua Sha glide and practice. If using multiple products in a Gua Sha regimen, be sure to apply your oil or balm as the last layer.

ANYTHING ELSE? For best results, we recommend practicing Gua Sha once daily or 2-3x per week.

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