Collage of NYC microcurrent esthetician Shamara Bondaroff of SB SKIN sitting on chair and a look into her studio on a colorful gradient background.

All hail our queen of microcurrent, Shamara Bondaroff! Supernal’s founder, Melissa, has been a fan of Shamara's incredible treatments for several years, so we couldn’t wait to chat with her and share about SB Skin, the restorative benefits of microcurrent, and her current skincare regimen.  

Tell us a little bit about your practice, SB Skin! How did you get started? 
SB SKIN is a microcurrent studio in New York City, and I believe I was the first person to create a space where the primary focus was on microcurrent. We offer other modalities to compliment our signature treatment, but the base is always microcurrent because it’s one of the most healing and results-driven treatments out there. 

As for me, it feels like a lifetime ago — I started my career in fashion and art, but since I had been raised in a primarily vegan and holistic household, I had always been in tune with the wellness industry. After coming across microcurrent treatment myself, I became obsessed with it (and I’m still fully obsessed now). I had that “Ah ha!” moment but It wasn't necessarily rooted in wanting to start a business, but rather, “How can I get this machine in my house so that I can work on my face all the time?!!” Then it rapidly snowballed — or really, avalanched — from there. 

We are equally obsessed with your treatments. Can you tell us more about how microcurrent works and its benefits for skin? 
In the simplest of terms, microcurrent is like pilates for your face. A microcurrent facial uses low voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles, which helps the muscles to strengthen and look more defined — all while promoting collagen development. It really helps to create a lifted appearance, minimize fine lines, and reduce inflammation. 

What's your skincare philosophy? 
I have always had a very holistic approach to skincare, it's what I built my business on. I really like to take a less is more approach. I think as with everything in life, things go hand in hand. It's not just what you put on your skin, it's what you eat, it’s how you live, and how you handle stress. I also think it’s key to pay attention to where your energy goes and how you spend your time. All of these play such a big role in skin health and just your general quality of life. I do tend to prefer more natural brands like Supernal; I like to know exactly what I'm putting on my body! 

How do you like to incorporate CGO or Illumine into your skincare regimen? Do you have a preferred application method?
I have been a big fan of Cosmic Glow Oil ever since it launched! I love to use it in facial massage and while I do Gua Sha. It’s the perfect wind down and self-care ritual for me in the evenings. I am and forever will be a face oil advocate; the way it just sinks right into your skin is the absolute best. It’s the perfect amount of moisture for me and it also offers that dewy glow that I'm always looking for. 

Because I’m typically bouncing between two cities with two very different climates, my application of oil usage varies. When I'm in NYC, I actually layer Illumine and CGO together in the evening. They have different ingredients and really compliment one another. Then in the AM, I use CGO in the morning to wake my skin up while doing a face massage. When I’m in Miami, I break the two oils up between mornings and evenings. CGO becomes my evening oil and illumine is my AM. There’s enough humidity in Miami to keep my skin hydrated and the right amount of oil keeps it locked in without making me oily. 

What are your four holy grail products… the ones you absolutely cannot live without? 
Ah! Besides Cosmic Glow Oil of course...

I would have to say Matter Of Fact Vitamin C Serum. It’s been amazing for brightening up skin discoloration. It also really helps to fade out fine lines and general dullness. 

The Emma Hardie Morning Cleansing Balm is hands down my favorite cleanser. It does an incredible job of cleansing the skin but leaves you hydrated and nourished – I really cannot travel without it. 

The Nuori Supreme Hydrating Mask is another staple. It’s great for on the go and really hydrates when I’m feeling dried out. I also sleep in it and you literally wake up revived. 

Last and perhaps the most important part of my routine is my SPF. I use Iris & Romeo Best Skin Days which has the most beautiful tint and acts as an SPF. I am always running around, especially with a young toddler, so this really does it all for me. It gives me this beautiful glow but also protects my skin and comes in a compact jar so I can literally throw it in my purse! 
—as told to Emma Treviño